I am very happy that Koye Pharmaceuticals has come up with an FDA approved digital manometer – AG CUFFILL! I am very impressed with the device. It comes very handy in ensuring that an accurate cuff pressure is maintained within the ET tube. What I like the most about the device is that it comes in a syringe form and allows us to adjust and measure the pressure while inflating rather than measuring and adjusting pressure post inflation.

Dr Vinay Solanki, Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesiologist and Intensivist (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

“I have been using AG CUFFILL for past many months. In long surgeries accurate inflation of the cuff is a crucial element in minimizing the complications of prolonged intubation. AG CUFFILL is a very innovative compact, pocket size digital manometer that allows me to measure and maintain the cuff pressure.
I have been using AG CUFFILL regularly in all intubated patients during surgery as well in ICU. In fact, we have one dedicated AG CUFFILL in ICU and one in OT. We check the cuff pressure in ICU every 8 hrs during duty changeover and find it very convenient and easy to use. I highly recommend its use regularly”

Dr Kalpesh Gaitonde MBBS, DA, FCPS (Anaesthesia), Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Intensivist (Borivili, Mumbai)

“I have been using this small but terrific device since about a year. It was not difficult to learn that the kind of cuff pressures that we were practising without monitoring were very much above the safety limits. The EDUCATED HAND (as they say in anaesthesia training) is a very crude subjective way of doing things. This device can dispel our myths about cuff pressure management by its extreme user friendliness. I carry it in my bag gear / pocket wherever I go to do anaesthesia cases and ICU rounds. It’s a great eye opener to everyone involved in managing intubated patients. We can certainly prevent many injuries related to endotracheal tube cuffs by using this device. It’s a must use for all airway managers (ICU / Anaesthesiologist and supporting nursing staff)”

Dr Vinay Kulkarni, Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesiologist and Intensivist

Dr Anshul Diwakar, D.A., D.N.B., Anaesthesiologist, Pain Physician, Intensivist

“I personally have tried a number of manometers to measure ET cuff pressure and I must say that AG CUFFILL stands out of all of them. It is digital, simple to use and allows measuring cuff pressure without losing pressure during connection. It eliminates the need to induce over pressure while measuring cuff pressure. I am glad we are making progress in India with respect to new innovative medical devices”

Dr Anshul Diwakar, D.A., D.N.B., Anaesthesiologist, Pain Physician, Intensivist

“It is high time that we switch our analogue manometers with a digital one like AG CUFFILL! It’s a very easy to use device that gives accurate cuff pressure reading. It saves time, no risk of over or under inflation and is hassle- free.”

Dr S. A. Gowrisankar, M.D. Anaesthesia, Anaesthesiologist